All I want for Valentines Day…Is to go to TEDxKanata

I recently read an article in the Globe and Mail that resonated with me. It was about how marrying your best friend results in greater happiness than those that don’t. Of course, the notion isn’t earth shattering, nor is it really surprising when you think about it. It just makes sense.

But what truly is the key to overall happiness? Does any one really know the answer to this burning question?

Well, at TEDx Kanata, we have a happiness expert joining us.

John Zelenski is a researcher and director of the Carleton University Happiness Laboratory (CUHL), where he studies individual differences in happiness, and how personality manifests itself ‘in the moment’ as emotional and cognitive processes. Recent work has focused on the causes and consequences of social behaviour (e.g., in relation to the personality trait of introversion-extraversion), and the links among nature, people’s sense of connection to nature, happiness, and sustainable behaviour.

Find out what makes people tick, and what drives happiness. But be warned: TEDxKanata has only 100 spots open -.make your application count and unearth your key to happiness.

Jennifer Stewart (Committee Member)