Meet TEDxKanata Speaker Mark Sutcliffe


Mark Sutcliffe is an award-winning broadcaster, columnist, author, blogger, podcaster, entrepreneur, volunteer, community activist, and runner who has played a leadership role in several distinct fields throughout his 30-year career.

He is the host of Ottawa Today, a daily four-hour talk show on 1310 NEWS and Rogers TV. He has also contributed columns to the National Post, the Globe and Mail, and other newspapers. Mark has been a regular presence on CPAC, Canada’s Parliamentary channel, for almost 10 years and currently hosts the daily podcast CPAC Today in Politics.

Mark has founded several media properties and written four books: Why I Run, Canada’s Magnificent Marathon, the children’s book Big Joe and the Return of Football, and most recently, Long Road to Boston.

What will Mark make of our theme RE:DESIGN? Follow him on Twitter and be sure to join us on March 1st for TEDxKanata 2018!